2304, 2018

Quarantine for Chicken Pox and Mumps

The German health authorities play crazy in terms of quarantine regulations for children diseases. If a child suffers from chickenpox or mumps, unvaccinated siblings may not attend kindergarten or school for 16 days (= the average incubation period).

These measures are based on a recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute. However, the health department only knows […]

801, 2018

Update on measles: the German single measles vaccine not available anymore

The measles single dose vaccine, “measles vaccine Mérieux”, which has approval in Germany is not available anymore.

The imported and identical French single dose vaccine Rouvax (produced by Sanofi) can be used. If this is also not available (as for example in March-May 2015), there is still the Swiss vaccine, Measles Vaccine. Both of these vaccines […]

2509, 2015

Should we vaccinate because of refugees?

The massive refugee immigration that we are currently experiencing is not something that will soon be over; it is a precursor for a new age of migration. Most of the refugees come from destabilized areas, torn apart by current and past conflicts, such as: Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and former Yugoslavia. In the majority of these […]

2805, 2015

Rotavirus vaccination passé

The gastroenteritis caused by the Rotavirus does not pose a danger to otherwise healthy children and in the worst cases leads to a short infusion treatment at the hospital. Breast fed children only rarely contract a virally induced gastroenteritis.

Since 2013 an oral vaccination against Rotavirus (causative agent of diarrhea) is recommended for all infants in […]

2703, 2015

Mandatory vaccination – No, thank you!

My guest commentary (“Prize of hysteria”) in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on 3.13.2015.
It is as if we were in a madhouse: Politicians, Representatives of Medical Doctors, and the Media are outbidding each other with demands for a mandatory measles vaccination; Parents in Berlin are to stay at home with their infants; travel plans to Berlin are […]

2503, 2015

Whooping cough in infants: How can it be prevented?

Whooping cough is in principle a harmless, but unpleasant illness:

The cough lasts an average of six weeks and in some cases leads to vomiting
For the first three weeks the cough is contagious; since the diagnosis is often made in the second week the child must be taken care of at home for one […]